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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am kamal from United States my son who is 5yrs has vitiligo on his face.arm,legs,neck.How can i get pure herbal anti-leucoderma oil for his treatment. Kamal , New York United States

A: Dear Mr Kamal if you are sure from your local dermatologist that your son skin discoloration disease is vitiligo.Then don,t worry you can manage his probem with our patent Anti-leucoderma herbal oil.Anti-leucoderma is our Patent and Register product for re-pigmentation of vitiligo patches.

Q: I am Noorbint -e-hassan from Malaysia i have patches on hands elbows,knees specially on joints.all kind of treatment is been taken since last 31 years.It has been reduced but not fully treated.Since last3,4 years no treatment is taken.It has been stopped,and having 1 daughter.Working in high class School..I could live with this problem,could not marry again but want to die with clear skin!!! Malaysia

Dear Noorbint-e-hassan God Bless you.Don,t worry more about your patches.we can feel your problem.vitiligo is a not dangrous for human life.try to take normal.if you have not psoriasis or any skin allergy disease.Then we will recommend you our herbal anti-leucoderma oil.you can apply at your skin patches without any hesitation.you will see positive results within 2 months or you have money back.

Q: I am Patric wyn i have had vitiligo patches around my eyes for several years. I am currently taking homeopathic medicine from the Royal London homeopathic hopital, and I was wondering if it is okay to use anti-leucoderma oil whilst taking my medication. I also wanted to know if there are any known side effects please.
Patric Wyn, London, United Kingdom

Dear Mr Patric you can use our herbal oil as local application with your homeopathic treatment.Our treatment have not side effects.Because we are not using chemicals in our herbal oil.you can use without any risk.

Q: I am Jona,s mom My daughter is 9 years old and has had vitilgo since she was about three.She has been having cortisone treatment but this is proving to be ineffective. She has it on her eyes, slightly around her mouth, large patches on her stomach, groin underarms, behind her kneees and now on her feet. I've been told there is no known cure and feel that it will effect her the older she gets. I live in Japan and she is protected from the sun with cream when s .Is this a temporary fix it oil or will it
regenerate the melanin in her skin. I would like to order your Anti-leucoderma oil Please advise. Jona,s MOM Japan

Dear Jona,s Mom we will recommend you our herbal oil.please dont waste your money and time with other life threading treatments.we have unconditional money back deal.you can mange easly.

Q:I am Fary It has been 13 years, i am suffering from vitiligo. its a long term i have it on my every part of the body.are you sure that i will get treatment of my vitiligo patches.i don't think its a hereditary one may be it could be treated.its like milky white.and when i come in contact with the sun rays it turns red.can i use with uvb i also have psoriasis problem .

A:Dear Fary i will not recommend you our herbal oil because you have sensitive skin problem with psoriasis.please cosult with your local dermatologist for best advise.

Q: I am Mark from South Africa i've had this going on about ten year it started very small and now i have it on about 85% of my body and i hate looking at my self i try to cover my body with long shirts and i don't go out in the summmer for this reason i hate the way it makes me feel i seen doctors and they say nothing will take it away but i have question on your about Anti-leucoderma oil how does it work and will help take it away.please provide me with more details on how to buy this product anti-leucoderma oil.

Dear Mark our prayers are for that God will cure your vitiligo stress problem.
If you are sure from your local dermatologist that your skin disorder problem is vitiligo then we will recommend you our herbal oil.You can manage your vitiligo problem with our herbal oil without any side effectsOur treatment is permanent our oil generated cells with not appear again.you can buy online through credit card or though bank wire transfer with money back deal.

Q:We would like to kindly ask a few queries:
1) Will your herbal oil completely treatment the white patches.
2) How much time will it take to treat the vitiligo patches.
3) Is it to be applied gently on the skin or does it have to be rubbed in.
4) Can it be applied on the lips also ? I have some depigmentation on the lips. 5) Are there any side effects or any precautions to be taken when this oil is applied. 6) Do you have any outlet in Malta from where I can purchase this oil ? Pls do let me know. Thanks, Kind ; Mily Malta

yes our herbal oil a complete treatment of vitiligo
you will see positive results within 2 months.
yes you can apply gently by finger tips.
no side effects.Precautions just external use only.
no we have not branch in Malta you can place order online.

Q: I have gone through your web site and read about Anti-Leucoderma oil. I would like to purchase 400 ml Anti-leucoderma oil to my relative in Punjab India. I am not sure whether or not you will send it directly to India if I gave the address - otherwise I can receive it in South Africa and send it from my end. If possible, pls adv the number of days required for each destination.Pls adv any ref number or anything so that I can include same (if needed) in my remittance to you care western union.

A: Very easy no problem when you will place the order through online clicking the by now button add your relative address in shipping address.we will ship drectly through dhl express.

Q: I m Siti and interested in buying your product but I don,t have a credit card and I think the only option available for me is western union but I need to know the amount to be paid in total of the shipping to Malaysia and in which currency, and also the procedures. Pls assist me with the nessacary.
Thank you. Siti Malaysia

A: Dear Siti no problem you can send money into Pak Rupees.

Q: Please tell me more detail about using of anti-Leucoderma oil.
A: Many thanks for your email. Please rest assure that our herbal oil is specifically made for the treatment of Vitiligo and you can apply on the effected area by
massaging for some time (5 minutes) till they are absolved into the skin. You should apply on daily basis before going to bed. And you can wash them in the morning. You will find gradually the skin color will change into Pink Red and will
turn into original color without any side effects within 2 months or may longer 3 to 4 months. Our herbal oil have not any chemicals or steroids. This is a unique herbal oil. We have successfully selling through out the world. You can place the order online through our official site.you can buy quantity as per your patches sizes

Q: Dear doctor Many thanks for your website.I am suffering from vitiligo patches since last 8-9 years.I took so much medicines includes homeopathic,english medicines etc.Till now I didn,t get any relief.I am an Indian national aged around 55 years and last 17-18 years I am working in USA. I am interested to take treatment with your anti-leucoderma oil and advice me how long I need to go take this treatment to get complete results.I have liht pink patches on the most parts of my body.In order to hide patches I am using vitiligo other treatment on my face. Shall I use this Anti-leucoderma oil during the night. Is there any diet control during treatment Thanks Davel United States

A:thank you for your email.sure you can use our herbal oil but as you are saying that your age is 55yrs.we can,t say you that your re-pigmentation process will complete witin 2 to 3 months you may need longer 6 to 7 months.our treatment is a risk free with money back deal.

Q: I have same white spot and around my eyes white patch widespread. Do I have to use this Leucoderma oil arround my eyes, because as I know the skin arround eyes is really sensitive. Please advise thanks
A:Sure you can use at your eyes without any risk.

Q: I am from Indonesia, I want your anti-leucoderma product, How to I can Order product from Indonesia. Thanks Emanul
A: No problem we ship worldwide through dhl express.you can place order.

Q: Suffering from vitiligo problem from last 4 years - problem area are below the nails, some on palm ,Lips , and private parts. kindly inform about the same.
Thanks Ay United States
If you are sure from your local dermatologist that your skin disease is vitiligo.Then we will recommend you our herbal oil as for your private parts.

Q: I am Nayyar 42 years old female.I am having vitiligo from last 19 years. But it never increased I had it only on legs. After I had delivery 3 years back it has increased, now i have on my hands, fingers on chest, thighs. Do your anti-leucoderma oil help atleast patches on my hand and fingers go. please help me.

A: Thank you.May God brings you healthy and prosperous. May God blessed with his Almighty power to recover the on-going vitiligo problems removed for ever and have a happy, joyous and interesting life. My wishes and
prayers for you always.we will recommend you please don,t waste your time if you are sure from your doctor that your skin disorder disease is vitiligo.we will recommend you please start treatment immediately you will get positive results within 2 months without any side effects. you can buy online directly from our Official website www.antileucoderma.com


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I am Sara Paul, student of age 19 years old and I have been suffering from leucoderma since I was 10 years old. I was quite worried about these white patches on my skin. Initially it was thought that the patches were temporary and due to a deficiency of some mineral but with time the patches started to increase and became really obvious. Then I decided to go to a doctor, took out all the medical details, used bundles and bundles of medicines but nothing certainly worked. I also went for homeopathic treatments and they gave me couple of medicines, which started having negative impacts on my skin and my skin started getting worst. I was so worried that I always used to keep thinking about it and could not concentrate on anything else and my school friends used to make fun of my white patches. They used to stay away from me because they did not wan to hang around with someone who was contaminated and had unhealthy skin.
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